Mattress Cleaning

We spend a large proportion of our life in bed. This equates to approximately a third of our lifetime. Throughout this time, a mattress becomes a haven for dead skin, bacteria, dirt and dust mites. At Clean Carpets we use hot water extraction (steam cleaning), strong suction and a highly effective Allergy Relief Treatment, to get rid of all the dust mites, germs, fungal and any harmful debris found in your mattress.


Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture, like carpets, also becomes soiled with use. The natural oils our bodies secrete, rub off on furniture and act as a magnet, attracting more soil causing the furniture to wear sooner. Call now to book an appointment and we’ll have your upholstery clean and fresh smelling!

Carpet Cleaning
Having your carpets cleaned regularly is essential to keeping a clean and healthy living environment. Soil and allergens that affect the quality of the air you breathe will settle in the carpet pile in your home and office. Regular vacuuming will remove only some of these pollutants. Our comprehensive carpet cleaning process removes ground-in dirt, spots & stubborn stains, dust, bacteria & allergens, as well as pet odours & stains.